At the Breaking Dawn of The Players Championship.

I don't know if it's always the darkest before the dawn, but I know this: if you are working in the pitch dark with only the faintest light shined on the dewy grass by the moon, keep working. Because your eyes will get used to the surroundings, and very soon your fingertips will be able to tell the collars from the greens, then when you lift your head up again to wipe away the sweat, all of a sudden, there will be light.

3rd green of TPC Sawgrass Stadium. Thank goodness for the moon.

With almost zero knowledge in turf but great passion for golf and everything about it, I joined a crew of more than 80 volunteers from all over the world last week to prepare the Stadium Course of TPC Sawgrass for The Players Championship 2017.

I will do my best to describe one of the most memorable ten days in my life in this blog.

The First Dawn

The volunteers started rolling in the Thursday and Friday before the tournament week, we were all a bit timid, very excited, and completely ready. I was picked up at the airport, checked in, took a shower and climbed into bed, waiting for the 4:00 AM alarm to go off on Saturday. Before it did, I woke up three times, each time seeing the street lamp outside lighting up the parking lot